The Northern Secondary School Student Affairs Council (NSS SAC) is the organization at Northern that oversees student activities like clubs and events. The function of the SAC is governed by the constitution.


As stated in the constitution, the purpose of the SAC is to:

  • Promote the general welfare of the Student Body
  • Represent the Student Body in community interests
  • Represent the Student Body in all levels of the school
  • Actively seek student input on all issues regarding student welfare
  • Promote a positive relationship and liaise between the Student Body and other parties, including, but not limited to the Administration and the Toronto District School Board
  • Provide a degree of social functions


The SAC consists of three levels of student government, the executive, the senate (including the speaker and deputy speaker), and the house of representatives.

The Executive

The executive is responsible for running the SAC as a whole (such as creating events and distributing funds to clubs and associations). They are elected by the student body at the end of the year during Election Week. The executive consists of 6 positions, the president, the vice-president, the treasurer, the secretary, the internal social director, and the external social director.

Visit the Executive page for more information and a list of current and former executives.

The Senate

The Senate advises the executive team and to vote on bills proposed by the executive team and the house of representatives. Senators (with the exception of the grade senators) are chosen by the Executive at the start of the year.

Visit the Senate page for more information and a list of current senators.

House of Representives

The Class Representative of each class is responsible for raising concerns brought up by their class to their Grade Senator and at House of Representatives meetings. They act as the gateway between the SAC and the general student body. The Vice-Representative of each class assumes the role of the Class Representative when they are absent. The Class Representative and Vice-Representative are elected by each homeroom class at the start of the year.


SAC documents (legislation, budgets, forms, and meeting minutes) can be viewed on the Documents page.

The SAC is governed by three principle pieces of legislation the Constitution, the Budget Act, and the Elections Act. The Constitution outlines how the SAc is governed, its purpose, and how it is operated. The Budget Act outlines how the budgeting process is undergone. The Elections Act outlines how elections are undergone. All three of these documents are regularly revised through the Constitutional Reform Committee.

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