Clubs and Associations



Heads: Ryan, Jon
Where: Monthly, @ TBD
Social Media: @nss.baa.gaa on Instagram
The association that represents all male athletes and their sport of choice.


Heads: Bianca
Where: Weekly, Wednesday @ 16:00
Social Media: @blacknss_ on Instagram
To support bipoc students at Northern, in discussions/ sharing of experiences and also advocating for equity, educating everyone on a variety of topics involving racism, discrimination or injustice.


Heads: Zaid, Haleh, Conor, Sara
Where: Approximately Monthly, Prior to Buddy Events
Social Media: @northernbuddyprogram on Instagram
Welcome new NSS students and bridge the gap between students and the community 🙂


Heads: Darina, Natalie
Where: Weekly, Thursdays @ 15:30
Social Media: @northern_debating on Instagram
Hold after school practices and participate in debate competitions


Heads: Jonathan
Where: Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 15:30 (typically)
Social Media: @northern_deca on Instagram
To participate, compete, and train members for the International Business Competition called DECA.

Drama Association

Heads: Ace, Noah
Where: Weekly, Wednesday
Providing Northern with the joys of theaters! 🤩

Fashion Show

Heads: Andrew, Aidan, Ally, Mya
Where: Varies
Social Media: @northernfashionshow2020 on Instagram
The purpose of Fashion Show is to bring students of all ages together to fundraise for Northern’s United Way. Fashion Show brings so much joy to those that are participating and watching, as well as raises thousands of dollars for those in need in our community.

Feminist Association

Heads: Emma, Adi, Eden
Where: Biweekly, Thursdays at 15:20
Social Media: @femnss on Instagram
A safe space for anyone to discuss all things intersectionality and feminism in regards to both the school community and world events.


Heads: Maddie
Where: TBD
Social Media: @nss.baa.gaa on Instagram
In a regular year, run intramurals, organize athletic assemblies and banquets, score keeping and just bringing more enthusiasm to sports in general.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Heads: Ursa
Where: Weekly, 15:15~15:45
Social Media: @gsanorthern on Instagram
To provide a safe space for LGBT+ students, and to plan periodic education and awareness events about LGBT+ issues

L2L Peer Tutoring

Heads: Sibyl
Where: Varies
Social Media: NSS Peer Tutors 2020/21 on Facebook
Help students with homework, catching up with school, etc.


Heads: Mia
Where: Weekly, Mondays @ 15:30
Social Media: @northernmesa on Instagram
Promoting and educating the student body on topics of math, science, and engineering, in a fun and exciting way!

Music Council

Heads: Micol, Matthew, Russell
Where: Varies
Social Media: @nssmusic on Instagram, NSS Music on Facebook
Music Council aims to promote extracurricular involvement in music by hosting concerts, chamber concerts, workshops, music mixers as well as performing in concert halls, retirement homes and more.


Heads: Bridget, Yosaf
Where: Biweekly, Thursdays @ 15:30
Social Media: @nss_nemo on Instagram, NEMO General Members 2020-2021 on Facebook
To spread awareness about environmental issues and encouraging like minded individuals to come together and learn more. We strive to ensure that we are able to help others learn about environmental issues and how we can help but also to allow students to get to know many other people.


Heads: Micol
Where: 10:00
Social Media: @nss.air on Instagram
Northern’s Music Council runs events and fundraisers to supplement the music To start each school day with daily routines and efficiently communicate all school events, club meetings and other activities.

NSS Pals

Heads: Serena, Darina, Michelle, Marta
Where: Mondays @ 15:30
NSS Pals are a group of mentors for ELL students at Northern, as well as student ambassadors striving to make our school a welcoming and inclusive place for people of all nationalities and cultures.


Heads: Maria, Laura, Monica
Where: TBD
Social Media: @northernsmartrisk on Instagram
To raise awareness about safety of teenagers and how to take risks in a smart way

Stage Crew

Heads: Mila, William
Where: TBD
Social Media: None
Runs the technological events at school eg fashion show, mainstage, all assemblies et cetera.

Social Justice Association

Head: Swetha, Bianca
Where: Tuesdays @ 15:30~16:30
Social Media: @nss.socialjustice on Instagram
To discuss and raise awareness about social issues and injustices in our world.

The Epigram

Heads: Juliette, Athena, Ben
Where: Tuesdays @ 15:30
Social Media: @nssepigram on Instagram
To provide students a platform to voice their opinions, share their writing, and keep the community informed.

United Way

Heads: Bridget, Will, Sierra
Where: Mondays @ 15:30
Social Media: @nssunitedway on Instagram
Raise money for the United Way organization


Heads: Sasha
Where: TBD
Social Media: @northernwellnss on Instagram
To fight stigma against mental health and well-being and working to make Mental health resources available and accessible


Heads: Ryan, Finesse, Vivian
Where: Wednesdays @ 15:30
Social Media: @northern.yearbook on Instagram
To create Northern’s yearbook!


A Capella Club

Heads: Sydeny
Where: Fridays 15:30~16:00
Social Media: Northern’s Acapella Club 2020-2021 on Facebook, @nss.acapella on Instagram,
Northern’s Acapella Club is a great way for students who love to sing to get involved in Northern’s music program! Northern’s Acapella Club is a collaborative and harmonious way for singers to use their creativity to make music, while only using their voices!

Art Club

Heads: Mia, Charlotte, Sabrina
Where: Fridays 15:30
Social Media: @nss.artclub on Instagram
To promote arts, crafts, and creativity at Northern


Heads: Yosaf, Tina
Where: Tuesdays @ 13:00
Social Media: @northern_cure on Instagram
Purpose of CURE is to raise awareness and money for all types of cancers and Canadian Cancer Society

Chess Club

Heads: Graydon
Where: Mondays @ 15:30
Social Media: @nss.chessclub on Instagram
To gather chess players and aspiring chess players at Northern who would like to share their interest and hobby of chess with each other.


Heads: Lauren
Where: Monday After School (around 15:15)
Social Media: Northern Envirothon on Facebook
The purpose of Envirothon is to prepare students for the Envirothon competition while learning about the environment and creating solutions for the current environmental issues.

Ethics Bowl

Heads: Catherine
Where: Weekly Tuesdays @ 15:30
Social Media: @nss.ethics on Instagram
To examine contemporary issues in philosophy, and seeks to develop common ground in a competitive forum culminating in regional, provincial and finally, a national championship

French Club

Heads: Lauren, Olivia, Micol
Where: Thursdays @ 15:30
Social Media:
To learn about the French language and culture

Garden Club

Heads: Sammi
Where: Tuesdays @ 15:30
Social Media: @nssgardenproject on Instagram,
We run the garden beds along the outside of our school and everything we grow and harvest is donated to local food banks. We also run plant themed events throughout the year!


Heads: Jonathan
Where: TBD
Social Media: None
HOSA is an international medical competition. Our school’s chapter prepares and trains members to take part in various competitions related to medical knowledge and practice.

Investment Club

Heads: Scott
Where: Wednesday @ 15:30
Social Media: NSS Investment Club 2020/2021 on Facebook
To have fun trading, and to learn about securities.

Latin Club

Heads: Fiona
Where: Weekly Mondays @ 15:30
Social Media: @nss.latinclub on Instagram
Make education about ancient Roman culture and the Latin language more accessible to the general student body, and raise interest in the Latin course at Northern.

Operation Smile

Heads: Joyce
Where: Friday @ 15:30
Social Media: @nss.operationsmile on Instagram
We fundraise money for Operation Smile. They’re an international charity that raises money to provide free surgeries to children and young adults in third world countries with cleft problems.

Pay it Forward Club

Heads: Sierra
Where: Thursdays @ 13:15
Social Media: @nss.payitforward on Instagram, NSS Pay it Forward 2020/2021 on Facebook
Pay it Forward aims to contribute to charitable organizations in our community in any way that we can through events and fundraisers.

Spanish Club

Heads: Sara, Juliana
Where: Thursdays @ 15:30
Social Media: @nss.spanishclub on Instagram
NSS Spanish Club’s main goal is to create a stronger student community by bringing more hispanic culture to Northern, as well as serving as a good decision making tool for new Northern students who might be thinking of taking a Spanish course their next year. The NSS Spanish Club is also a great, safe space for students to learn and improve their Spanish skills regardless of level.

4 thoughts on “Clubs and Associations”

  1. { went to Northern from 1959 t0 1963.I have a lot of great memories. I was wondering if there still is a rifle club? In those years we had to take part being part of army cadets and all the male classes had one big day when all the classes went out on the field to be paraded in front of high ranking soldiers from the army. Great school.

    1. I believe we don’t have a rifle club now, and I am delighted to hear that you have great memories from Northern.

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