Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Association 2019/2020 (.pdf)



Heads: James Neale, Adam Glustien and Nicholas Dotsch
Where: Meetings once a month in 335
The association that represents all male athletes and their sport of choice. Follow us: @nss.baa.gaa


Heads: Natalie Pryor, Kenzie Kash and Connor Craig
Help grade 9 students transition to high school easier. Run parent-teacher interviews, ticket pickups, grade 8 tours, buddy week, delegation tours, etc. Want to get involved? Look for applications in May for next year!


Heads: Adam Glustein
Where: At lunch in Room 231
DECA is a Northern association that provides students with the opportunity to improve their business and life skills, meet new people, and have fun in the process. All 115 members of Northern DECA will compete at various stages of business competitions and learn about various facets of business through real-world experience.

Drama Association

Heads: Ben Jefferies and Gaby Milner
Where: At lunch in 225
Facilitates extracurricular drama and clubs.


Heads: Fiona Broughton, Shaki Sutharsan and Alina Snisarenko
Where: Thursdays at lunch in room 301
The Epigram is NSS’ newspaper, both in print, and online. We are dedicated to reporting on stories relevant to the experiences of Northern students, as well as the broader community. We are produced by the students, and are a unique resource tailored to our school community.

Feminist Club

Heads: Meiyra Winer and Emma Nizet
Where: Thursdays at lunch in room 218
Feminist Club is an intersectional club for everybody in the school! We have discussions on news, feminism, media, and more. Drop in and say hi anytime! Send us an email at, follow us at @femnss, and join our fb group femnss 2018-2019.


Heads: Lauren King
Where: Once a month in the North Gym
The Girls Athletic Association works to promote Northern’s female athletic program and creates a community of girls who are interesting in sports. We run intramurals, such as dodgeball and yoga, scorekeep games for our girls sports teams, and go on an annual retreat to Camp Kilcoo! We also do lots of other fun things throughout the school year so if you want to learn more or give the GAA a try, be sure come to our next general members meeting! PSA: Join the Facebook group: NSS GAA 2018/2019

Get Fit Friday

Heads: Simon Shay and Nick Dotsch
Where: Every friday morning at 7:15 in the upper gym.
Come join the fittest group of Northern students in a fun workout lead by Mr. Gana (not affiliated with BAA or GAA)

Northern Debating

Heads: Max Rosen and Jaleelah Ammar
Where: Wednesdays at lunch in room 221
Northern Debating hosts weekly meetings where we do practice debates in preparation for tournaments. Students will have the opportunity to attend tournaments in The GTA, as well as places like Montreal and Kingston. Northern debaters have competed as far away as St. John’s, Vancouver, Boston, and Cambridge, UK. Northern debaters have also won the 2018 Ontario Provincial Debating Championships, and placed within the top 5 debaters nationally. Come to our meetings to learn an activity that encourages critical thinking, research skills, and is a super fun tome!

Northern Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Heads: Sophie Freedman-Lawson and Fiona Broughton
Where: Fridays at lunch in room 338
The Gender and Sexuality Alliance aims to create a space to talk and educate about LGBTQ+ issues, communities, and identities, and create change at NSS and beyond.


Heads: Micol Altomare, Christine Jung and Sohier Welch
Where: 8:30 in the VP office
NSS Air starts off each school day and airs daily announcements. If you have an announcement you’d like us to broadcast, have a staff advisor email the message to!


Heads: Marie Lan
Where: Every few weeks at lunch in the science rooms
MESA provides funding for math and science contests, and runs STEM based activities throughout the year which include labs, demonstrations and speakers. Join us on Facebook at NSS MESA 2018-2019.

Music Council

Heads: Isabella Wong (President), Finn Crawford and Hannah Sidon (Vice Presidents)
Where: Thursday at lunch in Room 227
Northern’s Music Council runs events and fundraisers to supplement the music program.

NEMO (Northern’s EnvironMental Organization)

Heads: Abby Sportza, Will Gotlib and Violette Daveau
Where: The Last Thursday of every month in room 328
We work to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness within the school.

Northern Smartrisk

Heads: Sammy Gold, Sarah Verreault and Alexandra Burns
Where: Wednesdays at lunch in the heritage room
Smartrisk is association speaking about driver and teen related injuries with regard to prevention and ways other ways to have fun while staying safe!


Head: Henry Curtis

Second Harvest
Heads: Justin Fuentes
Where: Room 202
Educate students about second harvest and its mission.

Social Justice

Heads: Kailey Gremont, Carly Lanfer, and Spencer Talarico
Where: Wednesdays at lunch in room 218
Our purpose is to inform and educate students at Northern of social issues in the world. We raise money as well as awareness for topics we as a group feel are unjust. We also provide a forum for students to create their own change in society by providing the necessary resources to enact successful and wide-reaching social justice events.

Stage Crew

Heads: Joshua Klein and Natasha Steele
Where: Mondays at lunch in the auditorium
Stage Crew is responsible for all lighting, sound, and projections for events in the Northern auditorium such as assemblies, workshops, fashion show, and mainstage.

United Way

Heads: Kelly Liu and Ben Jeffries
Where: Mondays at lunch in room 324
Raising money for the united way foundation.


Heads: Abby Brawn
Where: Tuesdays at lunch in room 119
WellNSS works to create awareness of feelings and emotions, by providing education to help combat stigma around mental health and works with fellow students through activities to teach, educate and create dialogue and share experiences.


Senior editors: Claire Cowley and Liam Engel
Where: Rooms 231 or 124
The Yearbook Association creates the Northern Secondary School yearbook every year.



Heads: Ruru Hogan
Where: Tuesdays at lunch in room 213
Group that was created to start conversations about empowerment and growth within the northern community. It is a safe space for everyone to come and voice their opinions and also a space to come to listen to stories of others and recognize the presence of prejudice and privilege.

Brush with the North

Heads: Joyce Li
Where: Tuesday at lunch or after school in rm 314
Brush with the North is the student art fundraising club at Northern Secondary School. Our club provides an opportunity for students who are interested in visual arts to showcase and sell their artwork at school events throughout the year. We also provide opportunities for students to work and explore new mediums such as silk screening. Students also have an opportunity to earn volunteer hours through this club.

Cancer Union Research Endeavour (C.U.R.E.)

Heads: Abby Sportza and Emma Fingerle
Where: Every other Tuesday at lunch in room 121
C.U.R.E. works in collaboration including the Canadian Cancer Society and the Terry Fox Foundation to raise money and awareness for cancer research. C.U.R.E. runs events and campaigns such as the Terry Fox run and Daffodil week with all proceeds going directly to cancer research.

Champions of Change (Because I am a Girl)

Heads: Emily Seal, Sophie Allan and Laine McCroy
Where: every second Friday in room 208A
We advocate for gender equality by focussing on girls education and rights around the world. We fundraise and plan events to help encourage students to help make global change.

Chess Club

Heads: Rain Ma
Where: Thursdays at lunch in room 301
Chess is more than a game. Chess is an art form, it is a lifestyle.
Come play chess, whether you’re a GM or don’t know how to move the pieces!

Christian Fellowship

Heads: Fiona Boyd and Andrew Goch
Where: Fridays at lunch in room 101
Allows students to join together in fellowship and grow more in their faith. All are welcome!

Duke of Edinburgh Club

Heads: Hannah Ng, Laine McCroy and Jessica Crone
Where: First Monday of every month in room 109
Supports students pursuing the Duke of Edinburgh Award and plan a journey for students at Northern.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Heads: Evan Hanson
Where: Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch in room 103
Students getting together to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Film Club

Heads: Keilan Ellis and Will Gotlib
Where: Fridays at lunch in room 202.
A place to talk about film and do some group filmmaking based activities throughout the year. The club also helps members prepare for NIFF (Northern Interschool Film Festival) at the end of the year, where submitted students films from Northern are put up for different awards.

French Club

Heads: Nicola Duyker
Where: Wednesdays at lunch in room 202
Relaxed atmosphere for practicing/improving oral French skills, and enjoying French media.

Garden Club

Heads: Leni Kneller
Where: Every Tuesday at lunch in room 314
Garden club manages Northern’s community garden, growing food to donate to food bank and nutritional programs! We also plan garden related events throughout the year and learn about how to garden!

General Advancements in Technology (G.A.I.T.)

Heads: Shalev Lifshit
Where: Fridays at lunch in room 326
To expose the students to emerging technologies such as quantium computing, AI, genomics, that will play a major part in our future. Additionally to teach students the skills needed in order to use and apply these technologies now.

History Club

Heads: Fabian Sekora
Where: Mondays at lunch in Room 218.
History Club is a friendly environment for students who are passionate about history to interact and learn.


Heads: Matthew Martin
Where: Tuesdays at lunch in room 316
HOSA is the largest wealth science student organization in Canada. Students who join are provided with opportunities to learn about health cars careers as well as the health care industry as a whole. that are given opportunities to test their knowledge by competing in provincial, national and international events.

Humans of Northern Secondary

Heads: Hannah Ng
Where: Wednesdays at lunch
Promotes mental health at Norther by sharing everyday stories from students lives on social media platforms. Follow us on instagram @humansofnss

Investment Club

Heads: Andre Birsan
Where: Thursday in 229
Investment Club is for anyone interested in the stock market! We learn about investing, and enter stock trading competitions.

Latin Club

Heads: Leila Somani-Davis
Where: Fridays at lunch in room 103
Study the Latin language, this will include reading texts and playing various games.

L2L Peer Tutoring

Heads: Natalie Florence, Andre Birsan, Hannah Sidon, Isabella Wong and Tristan Dobore
Where: Last Monday of every month in room 119 or the guidance office
L2L tutoring aims to support students that are academically struggling by providing them with a free tutor.

Me to We

Heads: Marvatha Kuga
Where:Once every two weeks in room 302
Raising money to build a school in Nicaragua through fundraisers and calls to action.

MIT Launch Club

Heads: Matthew Martin and Henry Curtis-Dych
Where: Thursdays at lunch in the library.
Teaches members the skills and the mindset to start real companies with the help of MIT tutorials and mentorship. Members are given the opportunity to present their business to a panel of MIT judges in an international competition.

Model UN Club

Heads: Micol Altomare
Where: Thursdays after school in room 301
Model UN Club is place for students to debate, discuss and come up with solutions to world issues, while using diplomacy. Students attend conferences throughout the year that simulate United Nations committees.

Northern International Affairs

Heads: Max Rosen and Natalie Pressman
Where: Wednesdays at lunch in Room 210
Northern International Affairs is a place for students to learn about politics, current affairs, and economics. Weekly meetings include a short seminar and a discussion about the subject.

Operation Smile

Heads: Marie Lan
Where: TBD
We raise money for Operation Smile – a non-profit that provides free cleft lip and palate surgeries for children worldwide. Volunteering at our fundraisers are a fantastic way to get volunteer hours. Join us on Facebook at NSS Operation Smile 🙂

Reach for the Top

Heads: Ben Harris
Where: Tuesdays at lunch in room 222 (Day Subject to change)
A fun environment to play trivia packages and a place to practice for the reach tournament (at NT)

Robotics Club

Heads: Jack Warden
Where: Mondays or Tuesdays at lunch in room 140
We build lit robots.

Spread the Net

Heads: Vlad Mirel, Michael Tan, and Justin Chu
Where: Mondays at lunch in room 327
A club dedicated to raising funds to buy mosquito nets for children in Africa.

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