Here you will find a listing of the SAC documents uploaded to this website. The website maintains the latest copies of SAC legislations, SAC budgets, forms, and meeting minutes/agendas.



The Constitution is the document that defines the purpose, organization, and positions of the Northern SAC.

Budget Act

The Budget Act is the document that outlines budget proceedings that are done within the SAC.

Elections Act

The Elections Act is the document that dictates of elections for the executive members of the SAC are run. Go to the Elections page for more info.


The budgets dictate how funds are distributed for a semester.


Clubs Charters

The Club and Association Charter is the document that outlines how clubs and associations can operate. It must be filled out and submitted for a club to be approved.

Association Application

The Association Application Form can be filled out by any clubs wishing to become an association.

Meeting Minutes

Budget Meeting Minutes

Senate Minutes

House of Representative Minutes

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