The Senate advises the executive team and to vote on bills proposed by the executive team and the house of representatives. Senators (with the exception of the grade senators) are chosen by the Executive at the start of the year.

Current Senators

Due to the high number of applicants this year, each position is filled by multiple senators this year.

PTA Senators

  • Harrison Nejaty
  • Scarlett Calvieri

TDSB SuperCouncil Senators

  • Jeremy Zhu
  • Nyla Hanna

NSS Foundation Senators

  • Kristen Yuan
  • Nyla Malik

Grade Senators

  • Grade 9 – TBD
  • Grade 10 – Astoria Yen
  • Grade 11 – Ben Hopkins
  • Grade 12 – Joseph Kopun

Safe Schools Senators

  • Vinusha Uthayakumar
  • Linnea Lofstrom-Abary
  • Sarah Gupta

Social Media Senators

  • Joey Center
  • Simone Stern
  • Hanaa Layla Hakem

Webmaster Senators

  • Isaac Man
  • Brandon Fowler


  • Speaker – Darya Heydary
  • Deputy Speaker – Jonah Jojkic


Speaker and Deputy Speaker

The Speaker is a grade 11 or 12 student who presides over all House of Representative and Senate meetings. They are appointed by the incoming Executive in September of the new academic year. The Deputy Speaker has the same role as the Speaker but must be a grade 10 student.

PTA Senator

The PTA Senator represents the students of Northern in the School Council, and liaise between the School Council and the Senate. The PTA Senator attends all School Council meetings.

TDSB SuperCouncil Senators

The TDSB SuperCouncil Senators represent the interests of the students of Northern in the TDSB SuperCouncil, and liaise between the SuperCouncil and the Senate. The TDSB SuperCouncil Senators attend all TDSB SuperCouncil meetings.

Safe Schools Senator

The Safe Schools Senator attends all meetings of the House of Representatives and responds to questions and concerns brought forward by class representatives. The Safe Schools Senator liaises between the House of Representatives and the Northern administration on matters concerning student safety, comfort, and infrastructure repair or additions. The Safe Schools Senator must attend each quarterly Safe Schools meeting. The Safe Schools Senator also regularly inspect restrooms and water fountains and raises concerns to the Northern administration.

NSS Foundation Senator

The NSS Foundation Senator must have a vested interest in preserving the history of Northern Secondary School, as well as promoting its further development through the NSS Foundation. The NSS Foundation Senator attends all NSS Foundation meetings.

Webmaster Senator

The Webmaster Senator is responsible for upkeeping and updating the SAC website as well as uploading enacted legislation and meeting minutes and agendas to the SAC website. The Webmaster Senator may also act as an assistant to the Secretary if and when requested by the Executive.

Advertising Senator

The Advertising Senator is responsible for all advertisements done by the SAC.

Audio/Visual Senator

The Audio/Visual Senator is responsible for the creation, filming, and editing of all SAC video and audio material.

Grade Senators

Grade Senators are responsible for communicating the concerns of the class reps of a grade to the senate. They are elected at the end of the school year during Election Week with the exception of the grade 9 senator, who is elected during the first class rep meeting.

Webmasters Through the Ages

Ever since ancient times (2017) a record of webmaster has been carefully preserved for you to view below.

  • 2017-2018 – Jonathan Katz
  • 2018-2019 – Jori Reiken
  • 2019-2020 – Brandon Fowler
  • 2020-2021 – Ken Shibata
  • 2021-2022 – Brandon Fowler & Isaac Man

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