Prom Committee

Prom commitee applications are now open for grade 12 students. Fill out the form here and read this document for more information.

When applications are approved, there will be an interview to determine the committee. All of the interview information will be sent through school emails. Once the committee is formed, meetings will begin and are mandatory as they will be held roughly once to twice a month. 


To apply for the prom committee you must be graduating in the year 2022 and have an average of 75 percent or above.


The chairperson and at least one co-chair will be interviewing the candidates who provide explanation as to why they should be selected for the position. The positions will be filled by the person(s) who provide the best explanation as to why they are suited for the position and if they have any experience in their position in question. They will also be selected based on their email etiquette, vision for the formal (prom) and overall decorum during the interview and in and around the community.

SAC Store Is Back!

The SAC store is back! Visit the SAC store online to purchase Northern/SAC apperal and represent your school! This time around, the store has:

  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Jogging pants
  • Hats
  • PAJAMAS!!!

Purchases will be shipped to Northern, so there is no shipping cost.

You should buy Northern drip, NOW!

Vaccination Status Disclosure

All students at Northern can voluntarily disclose their vaccination status directly through the ServiceNow Mobile app or the online portal. In the event of a cohort dismissal, the school relies on this list to determine who needs to be dismissed. The TDSB will not be reaching out to individual students to find out if they are vaccinated.

How to Attest to Being Vaccinated via App on your Smartphone

  • Log into the TDSB Health Screening App
  • Click on the “My Vaccination Status” menu item, followed by “Update Vaccination Status”
  • Carefully read each question and answer appropriately
  • Upload proof of vaccination* (vaccine dose administration receipts or equivalent documents)
  • Click on “Add Attachment” to upload proof of vaccination

How to Attest to Being Vaccinated via Health Screening Web Portal

  • Access “Safe Return to School and Work” Portal via
  • Click on the “My Vaccination Status” button, followed by “Update Vaccination Status”
  • Carefully read each question and answer appropriately
  • Upload proof of vaccination* (vaccine dose administration receipts or equivalent documents)
  • Click on “Add Attachment” to upload proof of vaccination

* Copies of your vaccination dose administration receipt are available from most government websites. If you received your vaccine in Ontario, you can download your proof of vaccination through Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccination website.

Getting Vaccinated

All Ontarians born in 2009 and earlier are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Walk-in vaccinations are available at City-run clinics  in Toronto for first or second doses Tuesday to Saturday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.. Find your closest pharmacy  to get your vaccine. Learn more about how to book a vaccine appointment in Ontario or visit Find Your Immunization from Vaccine Hunters to locate your closest available vaccines.

New Website Theme

The WordPress theme of the website has been updated to give the website a more modern look! The content is also in the process of being reorganized and updated, so some pages might not reflect the latest information at this time.

New Clubs!

The Senate passed two new clubs, the Latin Club and Northern’s Ethics Bowl just 3 days ago. The Latin Club is all about Latin and Roman culture. It also aims to spread awareness about Latin and the Latin course at Northern. Northern’s Ethics Bowl focus on contemporary issues in philosophy and will participate in the Ethics Bowl competition held annually.

Please check out a more detailed description of the clubs and other clubs and associations at the Clubs and Associations page! Also please take a look at the Documents page for the Senate meeting minutes.


Due to the concerns about COVID-19, all publicly-funded schools in Ontario, including Northern, will be closed starting March 14th until April 5th. As of now, TDSB schools will remain closed for two more weeks after March Break is over. This does not include Friday, March 13 as of 5 PM.